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Most Excutive Search Firms Do Not Serve Their Clients Well

The AESC’s (Association of Executive Search Consultants) 2011 report Senior Executive Recruitment Survey indicates that the vast majority of search firm clients are not well served.

If my clients felt this way about they way I served  them I would be out of business!

Here is a synopsis of their findings.

Percentage of clients indicating that they were “Highly Satisfied” on the following dimensions:

Cost/Fee Structure                                          5%

Speed to First Slate                                       19%

Diversified Slate                                             20%

Market Intelligence                                        20%

Broad Slate of Candidates                            24%

Dedication to Client                                       28%

Quality Slate                                                   33%

High Professionalism                                    34%

Geographic Reach                                         36%

Assessment and Consulting                        36%

                Confidentiality                                                  46%


You can download the full report here……AESC2011HRSurveyReport

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