Our Approach

We use a proven process to deliver superior candidates in shorter time frames for fixed results-based fees.

Unique proprietary process
It has been demonstrated effective across a spectrum of industries and functions. We quickly isolate your strategic business needs and what is distinctive to your organization. Then we identify candidates with the competencies to achieve your business goals and to fit successfully into your company.

Hands-on senior consultant
Once our professional researchers identify candidates, our senior consultant (with 16 years experience and 300 search assignment) personally contacts all candidates, presents the opportunity, develops and assesses candidates, and negotiates the offer. Always acting respectfully and professionally as your representative.

Superior candidates
To identify superior candidates, we use requirements-based, innovative and creative research techniques – both Internet data-mining and traditional networking. Then we professionally present your firm’s “value proposition” to engage them and asses their fit using Behavioural Interviewing techniques.

Shorter time frames
Our efficient, focused processes means superior candidates are delivered to you sooner. Assessment of your needs is handled by our experienced senior consultant so the learning curve is short. Because we know where to look, we get results sooner. And because we don’t take on more work than we can handle, our time is not split among too many projects – it’s focused on you.

Fixed fees
Our fees are not driven by candidate compensation but by the complexity of your project, with the majority of the fee dependent on our success on your behalf.

If things don’t work out …
It is typical to provide a free replacement if the candidate hired quits or is fired with cause within six months (but we’ve only had to do this once).